The Easy Guide to Lipstick Stain Removal

More often than not we notice lipstick stains a little too late, which makes removal a difficult task. The key to successful lipstick stain removal is detecting it early so that the stain does not set and permeate deeper into the fabric. It is important that as soon as you see the stain, you do the following lipstick stain removal techniques:

First, try to remove the stain by blotting a piece of terry cloth or tissue on the stain to get a bit of it off. Donít rub because this will make the stain seep deeper into the fabric or make the stain bigger. Youíll get most of the surface stains out but of course, there will still be some stain left on the fabric. To remove this, the next course of action is to use dishwashing detergent thatís meant to take off grease. Remember that lipstick is an oil-based product and therefore needs a lipstick stain removal remedy that combats oil or grease.

Moisten the fabric and put a little detergent on the lipstick stain. Removal of the stain should be done after 10 minutes and with a wash cloth. Using a circular motion, work on the stain starting from the edges going inwards or to the center of the stain.

Another quick and easy tip for lipstick stain removal is using alcohol. Most of us will have this in our homes or even keep one handy in our purses, which is great for emergency stain removals when youíre outside the house. To apply, pour alcohol onto a terry cloth or cotton swab and then dab it on the lipstick stain until it is saturated with alcohol. Then apply cold water on the stain and rub in a circular motion starting from the edges and work inwards. Rinse thoroughly and repeat steps until stain is completely removed.

Finally, you can also try this effective yet little-known remedy for removing lipstick stain Ė ammonia. To apply, moisten a piece of cloth or cotton swab with ammonia. Dab it on the stain, again, in a circular motion starting from the edge of the stain going inwards. To complete the lipstick stain removal process, wash the fabric by hand in warm soapy water until the stain is completely removed.

You can also opt for non-conventional methods of lipstick stain removal. One technique is by using a hairspray. To apply, spray on the stain and let it stand for a few minutes. Then wipe the stain with a damp washcloth and see the stain disappear! If some stain is still visible, repeat the process and then wash with soapy water.

Thereís really nothing to it. Lipstick stain removal is an easy process once you know what to do and what you need to complete the task. A little elbow grease and a few ingredients from your medicine cabinet or pantry is all you need to save a dress or shirt from being completely ruined by a lipstick stain.

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