Easy Red Wine Stain Removal

You may have already had the experience of having a red or rose wine spill on your tablecloth, clothing, or rugs. This is not at all pleasant since often times it leaves a stain if not removed quickly. Here is a red wine stain removal method that works beautifully.

Firstly, you need to immediately blot the spot (not pressing into it) with a paper towel, napkin, or a dry white cloth to try to quicly remove as much of the mess as possible.

Next, if the stain is on your carpet, mix one teaspoon of netural dish soap (dawn is a very good one), with a cup of hyddrogen peroxide and pour it over the spill so that it can pre-soak. Just watch the red wine disappear. You can then rinse any residue with water,blot the spot, and then put some salt on the spot (the salt removes moisture). Wait a few hours or overnight and then vacuum the spot.

For red wine stain removal on fabric such as your clothing or tablecloth, run cold water through the back side of the stain. Some people claim that if you pour white wine over the stain, it will be removed. Although I have never tested this one myself, it seems rather odd to me that a solution to red wine stain removal would be to add some more wine. By all means, try it, and let me know if it works.

However, my other solution if the stain doesn't completely fade by running water through the opposite end of the stain, is to do the following: Combine 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide, and a little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle and spray the area. I also recommend that you wash your clothes soon after that, so that the peroxide doesn't have time to settle and bleach your clothing.

You'll find that this method of red wine stain removal also works well with coffee and tea stains.

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